Why is Keeper not matching the record in my vault when logging into XYZ site?

When logging into a website, the Keeper Browser extension will provide a list of matching records.  The matching is performed by looking at the "Website Address" field of the record as well as the custom fields.

The list of matching records is determined by looking at the URLs stored within your Keeper record.  Once the list is generated, a series of logical steps determines the sort order of the selection list, and which specific record is selected as the default choice.

1. If the page you're visiting has a subdomain (e.g.xyz.google.com), then Keeper first looks at the subdomain for the closest match in your vault records.  The best matches are sorted by the last time they were used.

2. After checking subdomain, Keeper looks at the "path" information (e.g.xzy.googe.com/some/path) and compares it to the path stored within your Keeper record.  The best matches are again sorted by the last time they were used.

3. If the page contains an email address on the screen (such as a pre-filled email field) then Keeper will pre-select the record from the subdomain and path criteria which contains the email field.

Tip: For the best record match, make sure that the "Website Address" field in the Keeper record matches the domain and path as close as possible to the target site.

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