How do I enable the Account Transfer Enforcement Policy?

To enable, access your Admin Console, access the 'Keeper Administrator' role, refer to the 'administrative permission' section, hover over your company's name and click the settings gear.  A pop up of the administrative permissions will appear, check the checkbox for transfer account and click save. You will then click the refresh button found above the 'license' tab within the top right of your admin console. Refer back to the 'keeper administrator' role, click enforcement settings, click account transfer tab, enable the account transfer by clicking toggle over to green then checking the circle for keeper administrator. You will then enable this same setting within the role that are your users are found in by following same steps user role >enforcement settings>account transfer>enable.

Users will then receive a notification that this has been enabled by the administrator the next time they login and their account status will appear as 'pending transfer acceptance' until they accept pop up. Users must click accept. They have 7 days to click accept; otherwise, their account becomes blocked. Of course, as keeper admin you can unblock their account by extending this pop up an additional 7 days. This is done within the admin console in the user's tab. Once user's accept the acknowledgement pop up, you will be able to perform an account transfer whenever necessary for that user.

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