How do I register my Security Key with Keeper?

Popular hardware-based FIDO Security Key devices such as Yubikey can be used with Keeper to perform multi-factor authentication without the need to manually enter separate access codes.

To use your Security Key with Keeper:

1. Log into the web vault with your email address and master password
2. Go to 'Settings'
3. Users must have an additional 2FA method enabled before registering their security key (e.g. Text Message, Google Authenticator, etc)
4. To select an additional 2FA method go to 'Edit Two-Factor'
5. Once an additional 2FA method has been selected, turn on 'Security Keys'
6. Insert your security key into the USB port and follow the instructions on the screen

NOTE: FIDO Security Key devices are currently only supported on Chrome, Firefox and the Keeper Desktop application for Mac and PC. On all other platforms and browsers you will be asked to authenticate with your backup 2FA method (e.g. TOTP, Text Message, etc...).

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