Does Keeper offer on-premise software to Enterprise customers?

We support on-prem, but it requires some explanation. The key is the Keeper zero-knowledge encryption model, which is quite different than other on-premise solutions. On-prem key generation and device-level decryption gives you complete control over the private keys and the physical access to the records stored in the vault. If you are using an SSO product and plan to integrate your password manager into this identity provider, this is fully on-prem. All of our user-facing applications are on-device local encrypted storage. Our applications can be locked down to only run within your network environment through role-based enforcement policies. The cloud component of our product is purely for the synchronization of encrypted data syncing and access controls. You can restrict platforms, locations, and control every aspect of the usage model. We fully support network-level access controls. We have many large enterprise/government customers who have found a successful path to satisfy their on-prem needs.

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