How do folders and shared folders work?

A regular folder is only viewable in your vault and no one elses. A shared folder will appear in each shared user's vault. Individual records within a regular folder can be shared. When individual records are shared, the folder is not shared. This is a powerful feature, because each user can organize the record into their own personal folder structure.

A folder and a shared folder are containers that hold records, users and teams. Folders and subfolders can be created independently of records. Keeper's implementation of subfolders is powerful and flexible, providing customers with the most secure encryption model while improving the overall user experience. 

Here are a few key things to know about Keeper folders:

• A Folder can be made up of personal records, shared records or other subfolders.
• Subfolders can be either shared or personal.
• You can create an unlimited number of folders and shared folders.
• A Shared Folder can be made up of an unlimited number of subfolders, each subfolder beneath a shared folder retains the permissions of the parent.
• There is no limit to the folder tree depth.
• A folder is a container made up of records or 'shortcuts'
• A Shared Folder is a container of records, with flexible user and team sharing capability
• To create a new folder or subfolder, click on 'Create New' then 'Folder' or 'Shared Folder'. You can select the parent folder or select 'My Vault' to add the folder at the root level.
• A 'shortcut' is a reference to an existing record. You can have the same record appear in multiple folders without having to duplicate the content.

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