How do I turn on fingerprint / Touch ID login?

iOS Touch ID - Ensure you have set up your fingerprint on your iPhone/iPad. Next login to your KeeperChat vault and tap the ‘DNA’ tab on the bottom of the screen. Then tap ‘Touch ID’ and turn the feature on. Log out then log back in and you should be all set. Note: Touch ID only works on iPhone 5s or newer.

Android Fingerprint - Ensure you have set up your fingerprint on your Android device. Log in to KeeperChat vault and tap Menu (three lines on the top-left). Tap 'DNA' and then toggle on 'Fingerprint Authentication'. Note: Fingerprint only works on certain Android devices.

On Android, KeeperChat’s fingerprint login feature requires you to enter your Master Password at least one time while the KeeperChat app is active on the device. If you force close KeeperChat (from the app tray), or if you restart the device, you may be asked to login again with your Master Password. Subsequent logins will provide you with fingerprint login ability.

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