SCIM provisioning errors

Provisioning errors can occur from a few different scenarios described in this article.

"Not Found" Response

If you receive an error when provisioning a user to a team in Keeper, or when updating a user profile, this could occur if the Keeper Enterprise User ID is different between the Keeper backend database and the identity provider "External ID".

This can occur if you happened to delete and re-create a user's account from the Keeper side, instead of properly creating the user from a SCIM-provisioned transaction. In this case, the identity provider does not have knowledge of the user's new Enterpriser User ID.

To resolve this issue, please follow the instructions below:

  1. From the identity provider, un-assign the user from the configured Keeper application.
  2. From the identity provider, re-assign the user to the configured Keeper application.
  3. If necessary, trigger the identity provider to push the assignment to the Keeper cloud. This may happen immediately or based on your identity provider settings. If necessary, you can force-push the change.

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